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About Us 


We are a small farm located in Remington, VA Our passion is small scale production of unique goods crafted by our family, cut flowers for market, and homesteading. 

Wholesale Available to Local Florists

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Custom Floral for Engagements, Elopements, Small Local Weddings & Events

When I first started growing cut flowers my vision was for an abundance of blooms throughout my home. I have always loved the way flowers create a feeling of celebration and a reflection of the season and style of the space they occupy.  A few flowers turned into plenty and I decided to share the bounty through our local farmers market and with brides looking for custom hyper-local flower design. My passion is offering this smaller scale service to brides with a small to mid-range budget. 

Hyper-local flowers allow for fewer transportation costs and a fresher product that lasts and reflects the seasonality and local climate of the area where they are grown.  This is why I love the statement

"Grown Not Flown!" 

For this reason, my ideal client is a bride who will allow me some freedom of design and color palate to reflect the season they are in. In choosing a farmer florist a bride can guarentee freshness and more flowers for each dollar of her budget. 

 Engagment Bouquets -  from $100 to $200

Elopement Bouquets - from $150 to $300

Buckets of Blooms - inquire on type and quantity

We are not currently accepting new wedding clients.