EquitiesFirst is a value investor, managing a public equities portfolio. Our unique method of portfolio construction establishes each position through equity-backed financing provided directly to long-term investors.

The EquitiesFirst portfolio is diversified across global markets and industry sectors. Our investment team generates alpha on each position, as any long-only investment manager would, through robust fundamental and technical analysis, risk management and ongoing trading and portfolio rebalancing activity. Our investment strategy does not employ short-selling or permit lending assets to third parties.

As of December 1st, 2020, the total volume of loans issued by EquitiesFirst stands at USD2.5 billion.


EquitiesFirst’s key financial innovation is its method of portfolio construction. We work directly with long-term, concentrated shareholders to provide competitive non-recourse capital against their equity assets.

For partners, this is a competitive and efficient source of capital for their needs or ambitions. For us, it is a highly efficient way to build our portfolio and align interests with our partners for the loan term.